Mar 16, 2010


by Terri Wagner

I've had undiagnosed symptoms for almost 8 years now. I've been to every specialist that makes sense to go to and even a few that were just suggested as last hopes. None of them have been able to help me out. My sister the nurse claims it's stress. I rejected that theory because frankly compared to most women in the world, I have it made.

But lately in reading the BOM topically, it began to occur to me that maybe I was stressing out because I was trusting in the arm of flesh and not the arm of God. Sobering thoughts indeed. I realized that I expected everyone on the highway to behave correctly so I could get to work on time and safely. I expected my job to be there. The computer and Internet access to work. The world to remain spinning safely while I went about all my very important business that I knew somewhere deep down wasn't all that important.

My writing fell by the wayside with my dad and I building a house. My stuff is packed up in a box in my niece's house. The last virus go round had the computer fixed with something called wordpad instead of word.which is just another stress factor.

Bottom line I am stressing myself out nothing. Some seasons in our lives it's ok to take a backseat and say I'm doing the best I can and some things will just have to wait. My story will be there. It's certainly not going anywhere. If I can't destress the "big" things like other people (ha), I can destress the small things. And hope it helps. It would be nice to be cured. But nicer still to concentrate my efforts (and stress) in the things that are truly important. And let the Holy Ghost guide me as to what that is.


  1. What a wonderful awareness, Terri! I am so happy for you. Thanks for the sweet reminder to focus on the things that are truly important. What a wonderful gift.

  2. I find the more relaxed I am, the better I am at taking things in stride, the more content I feel. Not to say things like people driving slowly in front of me don't stress me out--but the sooner I let it go, the quicker I am back to happy-go-lucky.

  3. Great post!
    I call it "Life on Life's terms."
    Things go MUCH better for me when I get outta the way and allow people to be who they are (my kids) and allow them to make the mistakes they make and not enable them. LOTS of lessons learned there...and a happier me.
    Thanks for this great reminder of how far I've come. (and still have lots to go!)


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