Mar 20, 2010

I Wrote Myself Into a Corner

by Cindy R. Williams

I wrote myself into a corner. I've been following so many blogs and writing so many blogs myself that I stopped writing my novels. I have created my own writing dilemma, with no where to go without making some big changes.

How to get out of the corner. I mean what did I do, but put myself into writing time out.

I'll write myself out of the corner by making some new and better choices and set some personal bounderies. I'll update one or two blogs a week, my son's missionary blog, and one other that strikes my fancy. As far as reading other blogs; it all began with good intention of learning more about the craft of writing. Now it has usurped all my writing time. I have an inkling that it really works best if we practice writing and actually write so that we can improve our writing, not just read about how to write. So, from now on, reading and writing blogs will be desert not meat and potatoes. I will savor my favorites.

What about all those great marketing tools like Shelfari, AI, Authonomy, LinkedIn, Ladies Room, Our Neighborhood, Facebookm, GoodReads, Namz . . . etc.? There is a never ending list of groups, or sites to join to build a platform and promote our writing. Enough already! It's time for me to slack off and be a bit old fashioned for a while and spend my time writing, not flitting around the Internet. Please note I said "slack off." I will still continue to build my platform, but once my name and info about my book are on, then I will take a step back.

Another way to paint myself out of the corner is to continue my Arizona Elementary Books tour with my book "Chase McKay Didn't Get Up Today." After all, it's awfully hard to write when the stomachs around me are rumbling.

"Moderation in all things," is true in food, and it is true in the writing world too. It seems that writer's tend to be a bit off center. A good dose of reality and balance is what the good doctor orders.

Lesson learned, making the changes and now moving on.

What about your writing life has you backed up in a corner and how are you going to get out?


  1. Oh, it is SO HARD to balance all of this. Good for you. Shut us out. :) I do the same.

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  3. Balance... it's a constant struggle in my life.
    When we are woman who do too much, it's only a matter of time when we scream "Stop!"
    I did the same thing with Authonomy. Became absorbed and when life became difficult I became overwhelmed.
    Back to basics for me (which is what my ANWA post (tomorrow) is about).
    I must prioritize and it's always amazing to me. When I put the Lord first - I suddenly have time to do more. So now I'm blogging, facebooking and critiquing and somehow- managing to edit my book and read my scriptures and BE happy! It's that divine help we need- we can't do this thing called life alone.
    *HUGS* Cindy ... you're my hero!

  4. You are right, it is all so overwhelming and hard to keep a balance. We are way to involved on the internet. We may get behind if we take a few days off to write. Cyber-world just keeps going. But it is like a river, jump in when you are ready to swim again. Just don't drown.

  5. My intention for this blog was to create balance, not shut any of you out. I love people! I am a people person. It is more about being a fish flopping on the shore in need of water and working hard to flop myself back into the lake so I can breath and flourish once again. I love what Krista said about placing the Lord first. When I anchor myself in the Lord, my gifts and abilities increase.

  6. Well said, Cindy! good for you! Like Kristi, I find balance when I put the Lord first, and then my family. I also have to think about the season i am in. and guess what! Season change! Life is so exciting!


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