Mar 14, 2010

Things Are Happening--Good Things

by Sarah Hinze

I have been busy attending seminars on The Healing of America.

One of the great things I learned is that the Founding Fathers taught that knowledge is "acquiring information that we can use for good works." It is not good enough to just have it in our head. The full power of creation is to move it out of our head, into real momentum. Then as we act, and it is good, the powers of heaven can then step in and help us.

I am acting on that knowledge and moving ahead on my projects.

It is exciting, friends. Knowledge is faith in action.

Move ahead with your goals. Do not be afraid of opposition. It always comes with worthwhile projects. The adversary would have us neutralize our dreams. Don't fall for that trap. Keep the passion flowing and believe.

I believe in you. Thanks for believing in me.


  1. Emulating our founding fathers is a worthwhile goal Sarah, thanks for reminding me.

  2. Thanks for those well-said words, Sarah! and for your great example. hugs~


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