Mar 3, 2010

I was there

by Marielle Carlisle

I am now a seasoned ANWA Conference attender.

It was awesome to be around all you ladies that I only talk to on the internet. I was kinda shy that day, and didn't really introduce myself to others, but I saw who you were. Oh yes, you were being watched.

Here's some of my observations of the day:

It was FREEZING that morning. Bitterly, sharp cold. It must've been in the 50's. FREEZING!!!! I had on a 3/4 length sleeve-shirt and no coat, so I absolutely have every right to complain. Thank goodness for the heaters surrounding the lunch tables. I planted myself under one to eat but it still wasn't warm enough. For the bulk of the lunch hour I practically hugged the heater. I made sure to sit as far away from the outside doors as possible during the classes.

I loved the pen and bag I received at check-in. I have an ANWA bag! It's now resting on the floor beneath my library books, becoming the new library book bag. The old bag is showing signs of resentment.

J Scott Savage gave a hilarious keynote speech. His depiction of Aprilynne Pike as the devil was hilarious (but I don't agree! Aprilynne is an angel!). I have put his FarWorld books on hold at the library.

My favorite class was Sara Fujimara's about writing magazine articles. It's just what I needed to hear.

I ate way too much at lunch. Probably because the only way to stay warm was to shovel the food into my mouth. It was pointless to talk because my teeth were chattering too much.

Two of the speakers kept alluding to each other, but they wouldn't say each others names. They would say "Someone at this conference is saying this ..." The only reason I caught it is because I attended the two sessions back to back. I almost laughed out loud when I heard the second speaker say it. They didn't agree with each others advice on editing. It's okay to not agree with everyone, but to be so elusive? I found it amusing. So I'll be elusive and not tell you who the speakers were (tricky me).

The book signing ... lovely. I felt so much love in the room. It was in a beautiful octagonal room, with windows in every direction. I felt so content (and warm!) walking from table to table and reading about each author's book. Which brings me to the best part ...

I got to meet Janette Rallison again! If you remember one of my previous posts, I'm a little obsessed with everything Janette. So I jumped on the chance to have another book signed. I tried to control myself better this time around, but I think I might've been a little too standoffish. I hardly said anything to her. I need to find a perfect balance. I do look like the girl on her book "Trial of the Heart," don't cha ' think?

So if you didn't see me at the Conference, that is what I look like, minus the hat.

Til next year, ladies!


  1. Marielle, you captured the day perfectly!

    We really do need to do something about temperature control, don't we? I was by the open door and cold during the keynote, but the person sitting next to me said look at those further in, they're fanning themselves. Note to everyone for next year--lunch is outside--on the patio. Bring a sweater! Just glad it didn't rain.

  2. Trial of the Heart is one of my favorite LDS novels--I laugh every time I read it.

    Thanks for the summary of the conference. I wish I could have been there.

  3. I wish I had introduced myself to you. :(
    I wanted to- but there were sooo many people- hard to meet everyone I suppose.
    I love Janette too! In fact I bought that book (on your post) and had her sign it- along with another one. She is awesome!! I did get a picture with her =)
    Great recap....

  4. It was good to meet you at the conference. Jeanette Rallison is one of my favorite authors too. The cover-girl does resemble you!

    It was a great conference. ANWA always put on a great conference!

  5. I was there too. I also felt a little shy and when I left - I decided I needed to learn how to be a better 'mingler'. I caught the 'other's have said' comment, but i guess i didn't hear the other speaker so I was in the dark. I didn't mind. I think as an attendee can handle differing advice. You have to figure out what works for your own situation anyway. It was a great day!!

  6. How wonderful! I wish I could've gone... *sigh... Someday over the rainbow....

    Thanks for the post!;)

  7. I wish you would have introduced yourself to me. I was running around a bit, but would have loved to visit with you. You are so right about Janette. She is wonderful. When I let her into the Pergola to set up her books, she told me she is writing a book about that includes dragons. I panicked. My book about a boy, a dragon, magic and choices is in editing right now. My heart sunk to think I would have to compete with her. Then she told me her dragons were mean, and the kids had to fight them. My dragons are afraid of humans and migrated from Europe 350 years ago and are good guys. So, I realized there is room for the both of us.

    So sorry about the cold. Anyone near the doors froze, and those in the middle were so hot they had to fan themselves. If we host it there next year, we will talk to the hotel management about it.

  8. great post Marielle! Wish I could have been there with you!


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