Mar 18, 2010

Like Sands Through the Hour Glass...

By: Krista Darrach

Ever feel like you're stuck?
There are lots of ways to be stuck: Physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Yesterday I was stuck. In fact I almost didn't write this blog, I had convinced myself I couldn't (until today). Then I decided ... why not be honest!  Okay... so yesterday, I was on emotional overload, coupled with fear and low hormones (anyone challenged in this area, feel free to contact me!). Life is certainly in session!

Luckily, I was able to be an ostrich for half a day and bury myself under the covers. I have an awesome husband who after twenty years finally “gets’” me.  I just checked out, completely.

I have learned to allow myself to ... NOT be okay. I embrace my insanity, this is probably shocking to many. But it works for me. Knowing that this too shall pass and that I won’t feel THIS consumed forever, helps. I’m sooo grateful for that knowledge, I used to think my feelings and emotions would kill me. And I fixed on anything so I wouldn’t FEEL. (didn’t work by the way). 

But today, I’m a whole new person. Thank goodness for the gospel in my life, I lived without it for so long and seriously recognize the difference. I have hope, and joy if I chose to grab it, and a
Savior who suffered for me so I don’t have to. (if only it were that easy!)

A great friend of mine shared with me the analogy of being stuck in an hour glass. This is truly where I’m at in life. I feel like I’m just wedged right there in the center. 
I do know eventually, I’ll fall to the sand below… might be softly… then again, it might be hard.  But I know I won’t be alone … because I never am ... and you never know when the darn thing is going to be turned over again
In life ... nothing stays the same. 
And amen to that! :)


  1. Well said, I hear you. I love how you said you embrace your insanity. I can completely relate!

  2. I love that analogy Krista. I sent myself to bed yesterday too! Now I don't feel quite so guilty about it! Thanks!


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