Mar 31, 2010

Dear Brandon Sanderson

I like writing letters to authors. Perhaps you remember my missive to Shannon Hale that I posted. I also wrote a letter to Elizabeth Peters, the author of the Amelia Peabody series. I was shocked when a postcard from Elizabeth came back to me in the mail. She wrote that she liked my letter. I still have her postcard tucked away, and smile everytime I pull it out to read.

Here is a letter I SHOULD write to Brandon Sanderson.


Dear Brandon Sanderson,

You are ruining my life.

How, after finishing the entire Mistborn Trilogy, am I supposed to read any other book and enjoy it?

The detail and description in your books is incredible! You create entire worlds that are truly fantastic, and the characters ... ARG! They are amazing! All the quirks and personalities and EVERYTHING make the characters so believeable and relatable.

After finishing the Mistborn read-a-thon, I read J. Scott Savage's "Farworld" book, in preparation for a writing conference I was attending that he was the keynote speaker of. All I could think the whole time I was reading was "Where's the complex plot!? Where's the intricate character development!? Where's the crushing weight of upending doom!? CURSE YOU, BRANDON SANDERSON!!!" It doesn't matter that your book is written for adults and Farworld is for young adults, and that the intended audiences are completely different. I didn't enjoy the book at all.

On top of that, I'm busy! I've got things to do, people to see, books to write, etc. You're making it rather difficult for me to get anything constructive done during the day. Somehow the kids don't find reading a good excuse to get out of playing with them. That means I have to stay up WAY past my bedtime to read. No sleep and all Mistborn makes one crazy momma.

Lucky for you (and J. Scott Savage), I recognized my Mistborn-withdrawal symptoms, and am now reading the second book in the Farworld series. It is a very good book. Probably because I've been Mistborn free for about two months. My system has been purged.

I now have your Warbreaker novel sitting on my counter, calling out to me. What am I supposed to do? Anything I read after that will pale in comparison to your work.

Must I read owner's manuals and shopping catalogs immediately after finishing your books? Is that the only way to decompress my mind from your awesomeness? There really should be a support group for this kind of thing.

I guess I'll tell you to keep up the good work. Thanks for making my life miserable.

A fan,


So, should I send it?


  1. I would. As a writer, I'd love to get a letter like that wouldn't you?

  2. I would. As a writer, I'd love to get a letter like that wouldn't you?

  3. I love it! I'm sure yours wouldn't be the only one he received with a similar sentiment.

  4. Marielle,

    I agree. Brandon rocks. He is an amazing writer. I also find I have the same problem switching genres. If I've just read a Stephen King book and switch to something like Terry Brooks, it's hard to get into the new book. Like combining two great food that do not go well together.

    In this case, you are not only switching genres (both are fantasy, but one is epic fantasy), you are doing a huge leap of age as well. Farworld isn't YA. It's middle grade--like Brandon's Alcatraz series. My target audience is a fifth grader. Can you imagine most 5th graders trying to read Mistborn? While they could understand most of the words, the story would be way over their heads.

    As an author targeting ten-year-olds,I would bore them to tears if I tried to do the character development I do in my adult books. I'm even limited in how many story lines I can involve without losing them. And epic fantasy is the ultimate in character development and convoluted story lines.

    I am not offended at all if an adult doesn't like Farworld because they were never the intended audience. If an elementary schooler doesn't like it, then I worry.

  5. J Scott Savage read my post! I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!

    I completely agree with you. It was so hard to switch to your first book, but reading the second book was so much better.

  6. HILARIOUS! Thanks for sharing! For the book, I love Brandon Sanderson, Brandon Mull and J. Scott Savages books, everyone! Even James Dashner's. Not sure what that says about me.

  7. LOL!
    I feel like the sun just came out. Marielle, you rock.

  8. I LOVE IT Marielle!!
    And I agree..... send it!! What author wouldn't LOVE to get that letter.
    Too cute!!!

  9. Of course. I read the ANWA blog. What kind of dolt do you take me for? :)

  10. I just emailed the letter to Brandon. I hope he enjoys it was much as you all did.


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