May 9, 2010

Observing Life in a Child-Like Way

by Sarah Hinze

Recently I traveled to Dallas Texas to take care of our three grandchildren. It was an exhausting task. I couldn't believe that I had really raised nine children and survived. The young mothers drive more than I ever did and have their children in so many activities. I was going from sunup to sundown with hardly any time for real interaction and communication.

My favorite times were when the children had down time. In this photo you see Lila,our little 18 month granddaughter, observing a flower.

When we had down time,the children could play in the yard, play with their numerous toys and just relax. Relaxing is something I have always enjoyed. I was raised in the south where part of everyday was sitting on the front porch in the evening, drinking a mint julep (actually it was lemon-aid), and just talking.

Many of my children don't really know how to relax now that they are adults. I guess I was so caught up in teaching them other things that I neglected that one important thing. I feel bad about that. It is still time to help them because I believe our physical and emotional health depend on taking time for relaxation. Sherry Dew once said,"We will never go to heaven by making ourselves too busy."

I was brought to tears as I watched my 3 year old grandson play with bugs, you know the bugs that roll in a ball when you touch them. He called them "rollies". We made up a game with the bugs and the sticks and the leaves, we gathered them in baskets and observed and studied them. I think the tears came because I had also taught my children to play that way in their innocent childhood years. I wondered--Why do we stop doing that when we grow up? It brings less stress to our bodies--it brings time for meditation, slower breathing and time for pondering and writing.

All good writers have to slow down, observe life, ponder. All good writers need to take time to refresh themselves and relax. We need to take the time to enjoy life. We can observe the little children, in so many ways, and model after them.


  1. Thanks for the great reminder, Sarah! I love watching a child's wonder of creation. I love the picture of your granddaughter. What a cutie. hugs~

  2. Play builds relationships better than anything else. We, as mothers, need to remember that strengthening relationships is the most important thing we can do any day. Those relationships are the only way can be connected in the eternities.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Well said Sarah and timely too.

  4. Sarah, I loved your comments about play and relationships. I hope you will come to our meeting and teach us more! Sandra

  5. Thanks Momma and I'll make sure I stop and play at the beach. No stressing, right.


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