May 7, 2010

Mothers and Mentors

by Joan Sowards

I’m missing my mom this Mother’s Day. I’m missing my mother-in-law and grandmothers too. Except for my wonderful stepmother who at age 85 still dances circles around me, each of these women are gone.

They were loving mentors in my life.

Everyone needs mentors to help her/him through life. Women are mentored, and then they turn around and mentor. That is the way of it.

Not all mentors are mothers, but that makes them mothers in a sense. Thank you to all the great mentors who have helped me in life. (Some may even be reading this. I hope you know who you are.) Sister Rowe who took me under her wing when I was a Merry Miss. She knew I needed mentoring and I knew she loved me. Milli Packard encouraged me in songwriting, Kerry Blair first encouraged me to write, my own sisters, my close friends, and of course, my ANWA sisters have taught me so much along the way.

None of us are perfect when we begin an endeavor, be it wifehood, motherhood, writing, painting, or belly dancing. We each have a lot to learn. In the case of writers, it is learning the craft. Knowledge passed from one to another, encouragement to study and to continue on, the loving hand that steadies ours while learning—all so invaluable!

To all mothers, non-mothers, and mentors, I wish you a happy Mentor's--oops!--Mother’s Day.


  1. And a happy Mentor--Mother's Day to you Joan! btw...I just finished Haunt's Haven and I loved it! Great story!

  2. Nice. I like the Mentor idea. So true!


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