May 15, 2010

Take Yourself Seriously As A Writer

by Cindy R. Williams
In a class I took, we were told every week to take ourselves seriously and to set a standard for ourselves as writers. We were instructed to schedule at least an hour a day to write and to show respect to ourselves by making the necessary sacrifices to make it happen. Our professor told us that if we didn't take ourselves seriously no body else would either.

I tried to accomplish this, but found it was more of a hit and miss thing. As it got closer to the day of class, I gave the extra effort because we were required to write a scene a week, and I am competitive enough to make sure I had that scene done.

It has been just shy of three years since then. I finally take myself seriously as a writer. In looking back to see when the change finally came, I realize it wasn't any one thing. It boils down to more of a feeling and attitude. I feel what I write is important. I feel that the world has need of wholesome stories. I feel I have been given a seed of writing talent and that the Lord wants me to develop it, use it and reach out to others through my stories. It's easy now to call myself a Writer. It's easy now to share writing experiences with others.

I set a New Years Resolution to write something everyday. I deliberately chose not to use a time limit or even a word limit, but just to write every day. I find this works well for me. I have yet to miss a day. The least I have written is an hour, and most days I write from three to eight. I write on Sunday's too. However, what I write on Sunday's is not for pay, but for enjoyment such as writing to my son on his mission, journal writing, and recording family incidents, some spiritual, some funny etc.

At my last ANWA meeting, five of us attended. One writer said how she feels like such a baby in writing and it's hard to call herself a writer. We other four ladies jumped all over her and told her that she is a writer and to practice saying that to herself and others. We have to believe it to make it happen.

Take stock of where you are right now. Are you a writer or are you a wanna be? Writer's make the time to write. A wanna be laments and moans about wishing they could find the time to write. They choose to let things get in the way of their writing. Sure some things are out of your control, but most things are within your control. Take a good hard look. We all have the same 24 hours each day. We have our agency and a voice in how we spend our time. If you have been given the talent of writing, go read the parable of the talents and decide which servant of the Lord you are. Begin to live true to your calling and gift. As you do, you will find more peace and balance in your heart and soul.

I am pleased and happy to say, "I AM A WRITER!"
make it happen. Our professor told us that if we didn't take ourselves seriously nobody else would either.


  1. For me it was when the trade publication I work for published my first byline. Then it got translated into 3 foreign sister publications. Then I finally said to myself, you're a writer, not the great adventure novelist or fantasy writer but a writer nonetheless.

  2. It really is an individual jouney isn't it Terri. The important point is that YOU know you are a writer. That makes all the difference.

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  4. This entry was so encouraging, Cindy. Thanks for writing it. I am a writer and it feels great to think of myself that way. It took a long time to accomplish but I can say that I am and I do write every day!!!! It is great.


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