May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Meltdown Avoided

By: Rebecca Irvine

The day before Mother's Day started out well. My DH took the children to buy me some flowers and a small gift I actually wanted (please, no more candles or bottles of lotion!). But then things got a bit hairy. Child #3 made a mess of the kitchen with five cups of flour (at least that is how much I was able to sweep up off the floor).

"Happy Mother's Day to me," I mused as I prepared the mop water.

Then my own mom, under the stress of trying to prepare to leave the country on vacation, called me in a fit of tears and frustration. And I was partially to blame. I apologized, but the call did not end well.

"Oh, no," I thought as I began to worry and stress myself. Phone calls like those usually lead down roads that are simply better left untraveled.

Not knowing what else to do I went to the temple for an hour. There have been far too many Mother's Day meltdowns in my lifetime. I knew only a miracle from above could help avert another one.

And somehow that miracle occurred. Mother's Day went beautifully. My children were sweet and helpful. And my own mother was fine when I next saw her. We shared time together after church and then i left her to take a good afternoon nap before she finished her packing.

Crisis averted. Mother's Day enjoyed.


  1. I avoided posting my early morning break down, my self. I am pretending that it just did not happen. Mine was over a teenager.

    I love how you spent some time in the temple.

  2. Good for you Rebecca! What a blessing. I love the Temple, too.

  3. I'm glad it worked out for you. Having the temple around is such a great thing...closest one to me is about 3-1/2 hours away one way.


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