Aug 24, 2011

The Gold Rush

By Melinda Carroll

Recently I've been looking into software for writers. I was talking to fellow ANWA member Sandra Crandall and she said writing tools are sometimes like the gold rush. There were a few people at the beginning of the rush who hit it big, but then the rest of the people who got rich were those selling supplies to all the poor people coming out to seek their fortune.

The same seems to be true for writers. Sure, there's the Stephanie Meyers and J.K. Rowlings of the world who strike it rich at the beginning rush of a new trend, but the real money seems to be going to the people selling writing software, offering editing services, etc. Sometimes it makes it hard as a writer to determine which tools we actually need in our tool belts, and which ones will just weigh us down as we dig through the rugged terrain of writing.

I've found that the biggest help for me is going to writing conferences. It renews my motivation to write, it allows me to network, and it's a great place to find some useful nuggets about the craft. What about you? What tools have you found the most helpful?


  1. Yes somehow I never find myself on the edge of the new and wonderful either. But scrapping by on the mundane is still something a writer can do.

  2. Agree with you Melinda. . . and speaking about writing conferences; regsitration for the ANWA 2012 Conference opens up October 1st. It is February 23-25. Yup! Three days -- well, 2 and a half because Thursday workshops are from 6PM-10PM. Check ANWA's website and register early because attendence will be limited this year. There will be agents on hand for pitching. It will be at the Hilton Hotel in Mesa. Sounds cool right?

  3. I agree learning from and receiving encouragement from other writers makes is the best tool.


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