Aug 4, 2011

Old Friends in New Worlds

By Susan G. Haws

Favorite books are like old friends. Like pizza and pot roast they are comfortfood for the mind. Movies are that way for me too, what is not to like about a well made movie of a well loved novel. I get the most housework done when I am listening to an audio book.

I love to excape to a another world, time, situation. This is they kind of enjoyment I want to develop in my own writing. I feel so lucky to have found ANWA and other writers that are generous in helping aspiring writers learn the craft.


  1. I always put on some Frank Sinatra and get my housework done better that way. Love those audio books for a long drive though! Maybe I'll be listening to one of yours someday.

  2. I crank up the Beach Boys when I really want to get the house stuff done. And I love old movies...and that escape you described. sigh... now I want to go watch "Sabrina."

  3. I like a blend of 80s and 70s music to house work with.

  4. It is so fun to see what helps others get the necessary housework done.

    Kami from your keyboard to God's view screen and attention. My writing as an audio book with an audience. That is my kind of miracle.


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