Aug 9, 2011

Writing Practice - Pericarp

By Leesa Ostrander

I had written a blog on how I read on my phone through Kindle on the airplane ride to New York, yet it did not feel right.

Today is a pericarp day. I hear it already, “What is pericarp?”

Pericarp according to the dictionary online is the part of a fruit that surrounds the seed or seeds, including the skin, flesh, and, in some fruits, the core.  It is the outer most skin of the ripened fruit.

Can I use pericarp the way I did? Most likely not, the word would be used in a different sentence. Yet, it had me thinking. If I can learn how to use one word each week I could expand my vocabulary 520 words in ten years. If I learned a new word daily, well I would be tired and know 3650 new words in ten years.

To use the pericarp better, I would say, “With full strength, she lifted the fruit to her nose inhaling ripeness from the pericarp.”

I know I am stretching it with the above sentence. This word was a word I choose for my writing practice. I had a doozy of a time finding a sentence for this word.
For a writing practice, I challenge you to use the word in a sentence. How would you include it into your current WIP?


  1. He studied the pericarp of his breakfast dish in the hopes she would stop demanding answers he didn't have.

  2. Good one! I wonder if she knows he is thinking of his ripe fruit to avoid her? :)


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