Aug 21, 2011

Let's look at teaming/teeming

by Marsha Ward

Last week I came across a sentence somewhere that used the word teaming. It's a nice word, if you're talking about teaming up, but the writer meant to convey abundance, not people banding together for a cooperative enterprise. The right word, therefore, would be teeming, as in abounding or swarming.

It's so important for writers to find and use the correct word, because people like me will find the errors and maybe think the less of their efforts and writing prowess. Don't be that writer!


  1. I am counting on you and others to help me spot any inappropriately used words. Spell check does not catch that kind.

  2. Were you a proofreader in another world? I was and I catch these kinds of things all the time. But it is true a proofreader can't proofread themselves. So keep us on our toes. How are you doing btw?


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