Aug 7, 2011

July Kindle Sales

by Marsha Ward

In keeping with my open and honest approach to sales figures from my venture into selling ebooks on Kindle, here are my sales figures for July. The numbers represent how many of each short story, collection, or novel were sold from 7/01/2011 to 7/31/2011.

The US Kindle Store:
Cottonwood Cowboys - 1
Ride to Raton - 24
The Man from Shenandoah - 40
The Owen Family Saga Sampler - 6
The Usual Game - 1
Thumps & Losers - 1
Trail of Storms - 28
War Party - 3

That is 104 units sold!

The UK Kindle Store:
Ride to Raton - 2
The Man from Shenandoah - 3
The Owen Family Saga Sampler - 4
Trail of Storms - 2
War Party - 1

The UK sales totaled 12 units.

So far in August I have 29 units sold from the US store and 0 from the UK.

Please let your British, Scots, Irish and Welsh cousins and friends know about my books in their local Kindle store.

And, if you know anyone in Germany . . . let them know great Westerns are available for them (in English) at Kindle DE. That shouldn't be a problem to the many, many Germans who read English and love Westerns.


Previously published on Writer in the Pines blog.


  1. Now, if I could just get good LDS authors to publish their books to Nook as well as Kindle, I might be able to read more! My kids bought me a Nook for my birthday this year, and I love it, except for the lds author category which is non existent mostly.

  2. Patty, just go to Search on my name, Marsha Ward, and find my novels in a whole lot of formats, including that which the nook uses, EPUB format.

    If you have a favorite LDS author, check to make sure if they are on Smashwords, too. Many of them are publishing new work independently.

  3. congrats marsha once again out there on the cutting edge

  4. Marsha, Thanks for being so open and sharing. It gives a person ideas for how things can go.

  5. Thanks for the update, Marsha. This is very interesting to me, exposing me to new ideas and possiblities.

    Keep those stats coming.



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