Aug 30, 2011

New Project

by Terri Wagner

Doing is not nearly as important as getting along. That's a fact I have to accept in our "new world order." I've just finished "The Terrorist Next Door," and I have to say getting along is THE buzzword. (Warning: It's a clean, thoughtful, well-researched book that will scare the pants off of you, seriously.)

What does this have to do with a new writing project? As most of you know I long ago gave up the idea of writing fiction. I love to read it, but I can't write it. And once I accepted that fact, my writing projects took a back seat to RL. (No job yet, please keep up the prayers and thank you for them.)

But I resurrected an old idea from years ago when it first began to occur to me that I have a problem getting along with people. I'm very task oriented. Tell me what to do when you need it and then get out of my way. I like people. It's not that. I'm that quintessential "nice" person who'll stop to help you. Even go out of my way to do so. BUT I don't communicate well.

For example, an old guy friend recently recontacted me. He too is a frustrated writer who gave me the where-I've-been story via storybook form. I told him what I thought. He isn't speaking to me right now. And I really don't get why.

So I think I should explore how to communicate better in the work field. I'll work on that personal communication thing later.

So who says we all have to write fiction, right?


  1. Terri,
    It is a worthwhile goal. You sure don't have trouble communicating with your writing. Don't be too hard on yourself. I am sure you are an excellent addition to anyone's workforce. Still, it never hurts any of us to work on the joy of communicating with others. I am usually glad when I acknowledge the other person and share some common humanity.

  2. I have been told by many that I'm a very outgoing and friendly person. I usually communicate well with others, but I still find myself in many a situation where I flubbed things up so badly that I wanted a "do-over." We're all a work-in-progress.

  3. Just when I think I have stopped making social faux pause I open mouth and insert foot. That said, sometimes frankness is better than smoothing things over.Just my opinion.

  4. I just gave a talk on Sunday and in it I said, "I'm good at caring for people, I'm just not good at talking to them." I think communication is one of the trickiest things we have to figure out.


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