Aug 23, 2011

Ode to the “To Do” List

By Leesa Ostrander

My list of things to do grows each day. The items not checked off move to the next list. They are accompanied by items from weeks past.

The usual household cleaning tops the list each morning and work obligations plug the end. In the middle, the day’s appointments get priority.

I ask, why I write the list. I love writing and despise the order, yet it feels wrong to cheat the home of the rightful place at the top.

Today is the day I will challenge thee. I will write the list no more, or until I forget what I am doing.

No, today I will focus on strength. I will choose inner preparation and the cleaning, errands, appointments, and duties obligated to work will follow.

Today, the list will change to the “Done” list.

Only after I spend precious time with my computer, characters and the twists that keep them alive…


  1. Huzzah! I also am a list-maker (even wrote an essay about it once) but most of the time the lists laugh at me, jeer and mock while I struggle for breath. And that's just the writing projects. Fortunately, I married a househusband who takes care of maintaining environmental order. I cook and write, he cleans and keeps up the yard. It works for us.

  2. I never do lists then I never feel guilty and stuff gets done when it gets done. I have a wonderful friend who does lists and once when I dog sat I did a list back for her. She loved it. I enjoyed doing it for her for fun. BUT that was it.

  3. Sometimes writing and inner things get priority too. The dust will be there tomorrow.


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