Jul 8, 2013

Answered Prayer

By Stacy Johnson

Several years ago I was a blogger right here. I loved blogging and it was the right time in my life. I was driving up to Mesa from Queen Creek to the Skyline Scribblers daytime group of which I had been a member for many years. But with my baby growing too big to remain in her car seat for the entire meeting, I was faced with the challenge of deciding wether or not ANWA was a part of my season of life right then. I needed an evening group closer to my home but there was nothing that would work. I know I had mentioned it to my Father in Heaven during several prayers.

About that time, a new sister moved into our ward. I had introduced myself when I found out she was a mother of a large family as well. We struck up a friendship and were soon after called to be visiting teaching companions. There was something about her name that struck me as familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it. One day when I was working on my blog post for that week, I was reading the previous posts and I realized that shw was my blogger friend and ANWA sister from Kearney, AZ, the one and only Kristine John!!

I remember saying to her the first time we went out together to do our visiting teaching, "I know something about you." I told her that she and I belonged to the same writing group and blogged together and didn't even know it. Since she had been a newsletter only member due to the lack of interest in her area, she was thrilled to find out she lived just a few houses down from me. (Or at least I think she was thrilled, ha ha).  I'm sure she had no idea what would transpire from our friendship.

Kristine and I decided to spread the word about ANWA and start our own group out here. It didn't take long to get enough interest and the Queen Creek Creators were brought to life. Not only that but Kristine and I have remained best of friends and it has been a joy to celebrate our writing successes with one another. Our group started with just a few of us in the living room of my home and has grown quickly.

I like to think that Kristine and I are another great example of how ANWA blesses so many women on so many levels. I sure am glad to be back blogging with all of you.


  1. I love how we are all connected! Welcome back, Stacy! It's great to see (and hear) from you here. hugs~

  2. Awesome story. I wish we could drum enough members in my area for a "real" group. Our cyber group wants to meet in person but can't figure out a central location.

  3. It's amazing the blessings that have come into my life because of how carefully the Lord has orchestrated experiences such as these. Stacy has been a HUGE blessing in my life & I have no doubt the Lord will continue to bless my life as well as the lives of other sisters as they participate in ANWA. (And yes, Stacy, I was thrilled when I realized how close we lived to each other... :)


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