Jul 15, 2013

Try New Things

 By Claire Enos

I'm so sorry I haven't been posting! I forgot last time and then got off track. But I'm back, and better than ever! (I hope). Today, my YSA Branch went shotgun shooting out in the middle of nowhere here in Oregon at a gun range one of the members in our stake has. I wasn't planning on shooting on of them, because I've done it before when I was 12, but one of my favorite leaders in the branch made me do at least two rounds so I did.

I was really scared to begin with because I knew that it had a kick. This was a long shotgun (no idea if any of you know what kind of a gun that is, because I don't, but I believe that's what it's called). They have a really big kick and I'd heard that it could hurt and I don't like pain at all. When I got up there I was wishing I didn't have to, but I was excited at the same time! In the picture below you'll barely see me on the platform, and the guy standing next to me was showing me how to load the gun and correctly hold it.

At one point I was about to shoot and then a guy yelled from behind me (probably one of the ones in the picture) to widen my stance. I realized later that if I hadn't, I would have fallen over on my backside, however since I was prepared for the kick and was in the correct stance I was able to do alright. I didn't hit anything, but I did get to shoot two rounds and I felt wonderful afterward-- a little shaky but otherwise great!

My point here is: Always try new things, because the more experiences you have, the more you can write about. And that's what we're all here to do, right? Write, write, write!


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  1. I did it too Claire. I had never shot a gun in my life despite my dad being military. And when I took the gun safety class, that was part of it. I was astonished to realize that shooting a gun is very much like a sport. Good for you!


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