Jul 25, 2013

The Power of the Internet

by Kari Pike

Today was supposed to be my writing day. Earlier this week I put in long hours for work and school projects specifically so that I could justify focusing my energy on my personal writing. Just as we finished family prayer and scriptures, my sweet husband looked at me and asked, "When is the last day for Levi to pick up his school schedule?"

Guess what. It's today. And since we have not moved into our own home yet, but moved forward and enrolled Levi in the school district where we plan to live, it's an hour drive each way. Yesterday's post on procrastination -- yeah, I totally get it. I'm just grateful that dear hubby is in tune and acted on the thought he was given to check on the schedule.

So...really quick, (and please forgive me in advance for not having time to edit this post) I need to share a couple of thoughts on the power of the Internet and how far our words can go. For the past couple of months, Tristi Pinkston has been training me to take her spot as the managing editor for Gospel Ideals International - a website created to generate SEO articles on gospel related topics. The goal is to direct traffic to Mormon.org and share the light of the gospel with our brothers and sisters around the world (most of these people have no idea that mormon.org exists). Right now the stats tell us that about 10 people a day actually click over to Mormon.org. Where they go from there, we have no way of knowing. We just pray that the seed has been planted and that they feel the love of our Savior.

Last week, something extraordinary happened. A couple in Kenya ( yeah...that Kenya...the one in Africa on the other side of the world!) directly contacted the founder of Gospel Ideals. They had seen the website. They felt the power of the truth. They wanted to know more. Emails were exchanged and contact information obtained. There was some trouble getting in touch with the mission president (turns out he was brand new that week and very busy), so phone calls were made to Salt Lake and the first discussion was taught over the phone. The last message shared with me was that not only had the couple expressed a desire to be baptized, but they want to share the message with the little congregation of 46 other people who meet in their home every week to worship the Lord. And...they want to take the message to other friends and family in Tanzania.

I've read the emails over and over. I cry and get goosebumps every single time. The restored gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth today. At baptism, I made a covenant to stand as a witness for Christ at all times and in all places. This includes social media. Now I know why our Church leaders have been encouraging us to create profiles and to speak up for truth and righteousness on our blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else we can. We have the key to joy and happiness and peace in this life -- even in the face of adversity. Why would we not want to share it?

When Tristi approached me about this project, I questioned my qualifications and abilities. But I prayed about it. During that time of reflection, I attended a book signing by James Owen. He signed my book with "I believe in you." I realize that he probably signs the same thing for everyone...but to write me that message on that day...I knew the Lord was reminding me that I have access to power beyond my own. Through Christ I can do hard things -- especially when it comes to sharing the gospel. I accepted Tristi's challenge and haven't looked back!

so...I have a favor to ask: I need a  couple more editors...and we can always use more articles (based on a keyword list). If you would like the opportunity to share your gift of writing and spreading the good news at the same time, contact me!



  1. Keri, I could help if you would like. With either the editing or the writing. You can check out my blog to see what I normally write. http://www.pitterlepostings.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks Patricia! Email me at write4gospelideals.com@gmail.com and I will get you started!

  2. Oh, Kari, that's wonderful. I just read it to my husband. I'm sharing this with my RS FB group.

  3. Dear Kari:

    How wonderful. I am so glad to know of positive experiences with technology. The Lord certainly has inspired people with the things he needs us to have and use to spread the gospel.

    I would be honored to assist if you would like.

    Margaret Turley

    1. Awesome! It would be an honor to work alongside you! email me at write4gospelideals.com@gmail.com and I will get you started! thanks! hugs~

  4. What an inspiring story! Made my heart glad. My kids and I all have connections to the African continent. My son-in-law's family is coming back to the States after spending a few years in South Africa and Losotho; my other son-in-law's grandparents help build schools in Mali; and I helped write the autobiography of one of the Lost Boys of the Sudan. And one of the high councilors in the Philadelphia Stake, where I came from, escaped from Ghana. He's one of the most spiritual men I know.
    I'd love to assist you. I see I need to email you. I would be honored and only hope I can be of some help.

  5. Wow. Count me in seriously. I would love to use both my editing skills and testimony in that way.

    1. Great Terri! Send me an email at write4gospelideals.com@gmail.com


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