Jul 30, 2013

Just Cuz

Until our branch calls someone to the position of RS music person, they are stuck with my contribution. Since I cannot sing that well, or play any instrument, I download videos and play them during what would be "special music" time. So far the sisters love it. We have a theme each month. August (and perhaps September) will be Mormon composers (new and old). So you if you have a suggestion, please let me know.

This Sunday will be this one. A long time favorite forgotten, but resurrected courtesy of youtube. Hope you enjoy.

Look for the Little Light


  1. Very nice! What a great idea,Terri! I know our very own Joan Sowards has quite a bit of her music online. She has some wonderful pieces that are perfect for RS! hugs~

  2. You still do special music time during RS? I thought that went the way of "Homemaking."
    I'm surprised at how many LDS songwriters there are.
    A new composer would be Linsey Stirling who just performed with the MoTab last week. Her genre of music is call Dub Step. I'm sure everyone will enjoy her videos which you can find on YouTube. She is fascinating to watch as she dances while playing the violin.

  3. Thx I'll check those suggestions out. And Susan I think I just brought it back and no one has really caught on yet...snicker. Branches get to do stuff like that!!!!


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