Jul 9, 2013

You Are Not Nothing

You Are Not Nothing
by Patricia A Pitterle

I am nothing, and I know it,
In this dark place, I'm alone.
The walls close themselves around me
And the light I knew is gone.

I can't see how I came here.
I can't find the pathway out.
Darkness is all I know now,
I breathe it in and breathe it out.

In my mind I see more clearly,
And I recognize my sins
I turn my thoughts toward Jesus
And my heart invites Him in.

Into my soul that's aching,
Into my troubled mind,
Into the past that holds me
Into chains that tightly bind.

The past that holds me captive
To the person I have been
And whispers I'm not good enough
To return, once more, to Him.

A light pierces the darkness
It chases night away from me,
Reminds me I'm a child of God
A light that sets me free.  

His grace is there before me
And His redeeming love,
He pulls me from the darkness
His spirit like a dove.

He reminds me I am holy.
He reminds me I have worth.
He reminds me He has died for sin
So when I leave this earth,

I will see His glory.
I will see His face.
I will walk beside Him,
As He leads me from this place.

The past is now behind me.
I have repented of my sins.
I've changed my life for Jesus.
Opened my heart and let Him in.

He cast out all the darkness.
He changed my night to day.
His path is one of mercy, 
As I follow in His ways.

Now, I look up in times of trial,
My eyes searching for His light.
I know He removes the darkness
And restores eternal sight.

When the darkness falls too quickly
And you don't know what to do,
Invite Him right into your heart
And He will make you new.

New in faith and understanding,
New in hope and strength from above,
New in His tender mercies,
New in His eternal love. 

So, now you know, you are not nothing
You are a child of royal birth.
He welcomes you into His arms
And reminds you of your worth.  

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