Jul 22, 2013


By Stacy Johnson

My birthday was last week, I turned 42 years old. Some friends offered condolences while others suggested that it was downhill from here, none of which was news to me; I've been getting that since my fabulous 40th surprise birthday party my husband and best friend gave me two years ago. I wouldn't say that all my birthday wishes were sour, many of my fabulous ANWA sisters and other friends and family wished me a happy day on Facebook and for those I am truly grateful.

Me, celebrating my birthday doing a catering job at Sunsplash.
It saddens me that people look at getting older as a bad thing. I'm excited to get older and watch the blossoms come from the seeds I planted so many years ago in my life. I'm thrilled that my oldest will be home from his mission in a few short weeks and my daughter is starting her second semester of college. You know what that means? I have the potential to have a daughter or son in law in the near future and then GRANDCHILDREN! I'm not seriously hoping it is soon, but how cool will that be when it happens?

I'm also not saying that I don't have anxiety about my kids making wrong choices and messing up but I just don't have time to worry about that stuff while I'm busy celebrating the awesomeness that they are right now and their potential for the future!

It thrills me each time my kids ask one of my parents how it was in the old days "You know Grandpa, like before they had computers, microwaves or DVDs?" because I can pipe up and tell them how it was from my own point of view. I like that I can remember how my mom looked in her 40's just by looking in the mirror. I am excited each time the hubs and I talk about starting our own Johnson Family Reunion with just our kids (it's starting next year people!!)

I appreciate the fact that I'm not so attached to the television or magazines like I was when I was younger. I'm more contemplative and reserved (those of you who know me may not believe that). I'm more thoughtful about my actions and concerned about others. I have developed a deeper testimony of the gospel and have a greater desire as well as time to develop the talents the Lord gave me. All of this because I'm aging.

I'm not wishing away my youth waiting for my kids to get out of the house or anything but I'm loving getting older. While I do have two adult children, I still have more kids down to my two preschoolers who keep me feeling young. My wrinkles came from all the smiles and laughs I've had over the years and I never want a tummy tuck cause I earned all those stretch marks and my flabby stomach skin in childbearing. I'll still work out at the gym or run a few miles each week to take care of my heart but I'm here to say that I'm getting older and I LOVE IT!!

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