Jul 26, 2013

The Curmudgeon Escaped!

by Marsha Ward

Dagnabbit, the Curmudgeon escaped from my cellar, and he's really ticked off. Sorry, I'm trying to round him up, but I fear the damage may already be done!

Heh heh heh, She left the lock on the door unfastened, and I slipped out to make a posting to Her blog.

I'm seeing a lot of misuse of the English language on my Internet feed in the basement. Yes, She lets me see what's going on in cyberspace, but I can't interface unless I get out of here and steal a moment on Her laptop. I've got to make this quick.

The misuse of this phrase has me riled up: flushed out.

I'm tearing my hair out!

"Flushed out" has a proper meaning. Anyone who has done a Cleanse knows what that can do. Auto mechanics "flush out" the occasional radiator. Any physical system bearing liquid can have it done.

But YOU CAN'T FLUSH OUT A CHARACTER, or a scene, or an idea. Unless you're trying to dispose of the object or idea, I would not recommend it.

FLESH OUT, people, flesh out!

Oh yikes! She has a rope. Let me hit PUBLISH quick, and she won't be able to retrieve this rant. Farewell, fellow curmudgeons. Doggone lasso!


  1. OH, I do enjoy your Curmedgeon. I'm glad he escapes every now and then. hugs~

  2. Please stop I can't stop laughing.


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