May 19, 2014

A Change of Heart

By Claire Enos

Something I learned in the last few days: There are two changes of heart. One is superficial. It's the idea that you want to change, and you know how to change, but you aren't willing to go through with the hard work in order to change. The other is deeper. It's a complete change of heart. It's not only seeing how you can change, but going the extra fifty miles to change for the better.

This can also be applied to other things, such as goals and jobs and other fun stuff! For example, I've been saying I want to write, and I do (sometimes). However, I've never sat down and just forced myself to write. I always use the excuse that I have writer's block. If I want to be good, though, I need to just write. Just get words down on paper, and the more I do this the better I will be at writing. Eventually, maybe I will have a finished manuscript. So, that is what I am doing now. I am making a list of goals, and I am going to start doing some of it!

Having a Change of Heart is good! So, what can you change? How can you start right now?

Alright, now get OUT THERE and DO IT!


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