May 12, 2014

My Mother Village

By Stacy Johnson

My heart aches for my sweet sisters who are unable to bear children of their own. I can't imagine the hurt they carry in their desire for a family. I have repeated often that it takes a village of mothers to raise my posterity and while some of these women are mothers, some are not yet. But, they are still mothers to me as they assist me while trying to raise mine.

Mother Doctors/Nurses/Dentists. You give the medical care to my children that I cannot. And, when you ask my kids about their eating habits, exercise and how they feel, they know someone else cares about their health and how they treat their bodies. Thank you for calling them by name (even if you had to read it off the chart first) because it makes them feel valued.

Mother neighbors. I can't have my eyes open all the time or be everywhere at once. Many thanks to my friends who keep an eye out for my kids when they are riding their bikes around the neighborhood or at the park. I'm grateful for the neighbor who goes to the elementary school orchestra concerts because she is the adopted grandma on the street.  I'm even grateful for the one neighbor who called the police on my kids who were swimming at the abandoned house that one time...kind of. Thank you for helping keeping a safe environment for my children.
Mothers Day 2014 with all eight kids...not an easy selfie.

Mother teachers. It can't be said enough how much I rely on you to help teach my children to share, to follow rules, to speak kindly, to wait turns, to be responsible for assignments, to be on time, to be honest, to reach out to others, and to serve. Oh yes, and throw in some reading, math and writing somewhere in there. There are days when you are with my child as much if not more than I am. I can't thank you enough for strengthening the values being taught at home.

Mother coaches. I'm grateful for the ones who put their arms around my kids and remind them that even the the major league ball players strike out once in a while. Thank you for getting my girl a pack of ice for her back when she got hit with the pitch. Since I'm more of a "suck it up" type of mom, I'm thankful you are there to remind me to have more compassion.

Mother Friends/Sisters/Cousins. They are happy to give rides to their nieces and nephews and make cupcakes for their birthday parties. They remember them on their birthdays and they shower them with attention at family get togethers. They like to skype with my kids or text them randomly to see how they are doing. They invite them over to play when they know I need a break or child free errands run. Thank you for knowing I can't do this alone.

Mother Leaders. Maybe you are a youth leader, a volunteer at the school, girl scouts, or activity days, or maybe you work at the library reading to the children for story hour, you have invested your time in my child's future. You could be the girl at the Circle K who comps my kids a drink from time to time and makes them feel special. Maybe you are a janitor at the high school who asks my kids how they are doing in school and you know their names and their different activities. Maybe you have hired my kids to mow your lawn or trim your bushes and taught them the value of hard work. You could be the music teacher who inspires my child to create music or at least learn to appreciate the art of it. You may be the author of some of the books my kids read, broadening their view of the world and helping them understand life. Thank you for all of that.

Every woman in the lives of my children is important and valued. Even if you don't have children of your own, you make a difference.
For all you do, there are not words to express how much I love you.
I can't do my job alone.
I need you.
You are important to me.
Happy Mothers Day


  1. It's tough when you are not a mom yourself. I used to anticipate Mother's Day, then as time went on and I realized it wasn't going to happen to me, I got to where I skipped Mother's Day church and all. Eventually it got less painful. So thanks. But it really doesn't feel the same.

  2. I am also grateful to all of the mothers in my life and the lives of my children. I love knowing that Eve was called the mother of all living before she even bore children. My heart aches for friends and family who yearn to bear children of their own, but will not see that desire fulfilled in this life. It hurts- Badly -especially when you see so many other women bear children and then throw them away. I'm grateful for the hope that comes with knowing God's plan. It doesn't take the pain away, but it gives us strength to endure.


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