May 5, 2014

Dream Big. Work Hard. See Dreams Become Reality!

By Claire Enos

Writing on this blog is such a privilege, especially when I think about who I write alongside. These are accomplished women who have full and busy lives. They write because they've found their callings in life and have chosen writing. Many of them have grown kids my age or older. A lot of them are published authors, or have at least finished a manuscript to be sent in to a publishing agent. And then, along comes me: the twenty-two year old college student who hasn't even finished a chapter of a manuscript. When I think of who I write alongside in these terms, I begin to feel small and insignificant. I mean, who am I to write with such accomplished women, when I am barely a woman myself?

As these thoughts flash through my mind, I replace them with other thoughts: I am a beautiful daughter of God who has been blessed with the talent to express myself through my writing. I may not have finished a manuscript, but I write on a blog alongside accomplished authors and other women who are really talented in the craft I want to succeed at. I get to practice my writing skills in a practical setting and live in an age in which this is a reality rather than a dream. I am working to graduate with a bachelor's degree in Creative Writing, but that doesn't mean I will magically become "experienced" once I graduate, I work hard to hone my talent right now.

I guess what I'm trying to say is it isn't about the experience or how old we are or how much life we've lived. It's about how we spend the time we have, how passionate we are about what we do, and how much work we are willing to put into our passions. Not many people are born with the talent to see immediate success in their chosen fields, they have to work hard for what they accomplish in their lives.

Dream Big. Work Hard. See Dreams Become Reality!



  1. You are just beginning a writing career. And in so many ways I envy you that. I came late to the writing world, and it was technical writing which I love. Find that kind of writing you love and do well then pursue it.

  2. Ditto what Terri said! Great post, Claire! Keep writing. You rock. hugs~


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