May 15, 2014

Angels and Miracles

We live in a magnificent world.
by Kari Diane Pike

I've witnessed many miracles in my life. They happen every day, although I don't always recognize them until much later. Sometimes the Spirit will whisper in my ear or touch my arm and prompt me to take notice of even the little things, like a flower growing the crack of the pavement or a smile from a stranger.

I love how Heavenly Father helps us be in the right place at the right time. That's a special kind of miracle. The daughter of a close friend was married last weekend. I had planned to attend this special event, but finances and responsibilities at home became big obstacles. Then as a Mother's Day gift, one of our daughters felt prompted to buy me a one-way airline ticket and then drive me home the day after the wedding. She served as my angel.

When I walked into the crowded wedding party waiting room of the Salt Lake Temple, I slipped unnoticed into the seat next to my friend. She turned and looked at me as I placed my hand on her arm. She burst into tears.

"I knew you would come. I needed you here so much. I've been waiting for you.You are the only other person I know who could be here and understand what I am experiencing."

Heavenly Father truly knows what each of us needs and He sends His angels to help us. What a privilege it was to be my friend's angel that day!

On the drive from Salt Lake City to Riverton, where the reception was being held, I felt the need to stop and get gas, even though I still had half a tank. I had my daughter's car and it seemed to "tick" more than usual, so I bought a quart of oil and opened the hood to check the fluids. I stared at the engine and tried to remember where the dip stick was located. The harder I looked, the more foreign things appeared. I had on my best clothes and I felt like an idiot. I closed my eyes for a second and prayed.

"Heavenly Father, I know this is a little thing, and I feel so silly. I'm in my best clothes. I can't remember how to check the oil in the car. Would you please help me figure it out? Better yet, if anyone's available, would you please send them over to help me with this simple task? Thank you."

A few seconds later, a man in jeans and a Carhartt jacket called out as he jumped from his pickup truck and hurried toward me.

"Can I help you? I'm a mechanic. I got off work early and when I saw you lift your hood, I figured I could just keep on working for a little while." He smiled and shrugged like it was no big deal.

I explained the situation and the angel mechanic checked the oil. It was fine. Then he offered to listen to the engine and diagnose any problems.  I thanked him profusely. When I got back into the car, I offered another prayer - one of immense gratitude.

Heavenly Father  knew exactly what I needed. I felt His continued support throughout the trip home as we passed safely through severe winter weather and treacherous road conditions. Did you know angels can come in the form of truck drivers as well as mechanics? I think I drafted that Walmart semi with Oklahoma plates for more than two hours before the roads cleared enough that I felt I could move on.

The view on I-15 South between Fillmore and Beaver, Utah. May 11. 2014
Life is magnificent. Heavenly Father is magnificent. Miracles still happen and angels are everywhere. Be someone's angel today. It gives you lots of stuff to write about!



  1. Sometimes those little miracles touch us so deeply.

    1. Terri, I've been pondering on why the little things do seem to have a greater affect on me. I keep going back to the scriptures about how great things are brought to pass by the small and simple. I think that I recognize big miracles easily...but the Spirit has to point out the little ones for me. The witness of the Spirit sure makes a difference!


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