May 16, 2014


by Marsha Ward

I felt impressed today to express my gratitude for a couple of things.

Firefighters. I live in an area prone to wild fires. Forest fires, actually. I'm so grateful for those who put their lives on the line to save mine and my possessions.

A lot of family members and friends live where wild fires are raging in Southern California. I'm so grateful for not only firefighters, but first responders, the military, and others who are on the lines and in the air. (If you can't view that video, it's of giant helicopters from Camp Pendleton, one after another, lifting water from San Marcos Lake to fight the San Marcos, California, fire.)

Members of the Armed Forces. Tomorrow is Armed Forces Day. My nephew has served in the Air Force for 25+ years. Thank you, Shel!

What hit your gratitude meter today?


  1. I am grateful for you, Marsha! hugs~

  2. We aren't close enough to hear the air support for the fires, but 3 of our children are. Maybe a 4th, but she is a bit further than the rest. I agree with what you said.

  3. Always grateful for the things the military does for us in emergencies. They were here for us with Ivan and Katrina.


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