May 31, 2014

"I Love You, Sister Monson"

By Christy Monson
In our mission ward, we have a family that was just baptized. There is a grandmother, three daughters, and eleven children. They all live in the same house. It's quite a system they have worked out. The grandmother and two of her daughters work. The third daughter stays home to care for the children. (They are all in school except for the baby.)
The first day we went with the elders to teach them, all eleven children (including the baby) lined up on the large sectional with their Books of Mormon open to the chapter the elders were teaching that night.
The little six-year-old boy came to sit by me so I could help him answer the questions. He wanted to read part of the chapter out loud, but there was so much chaos with everyone else reading, he needed an adult advocate to talk above everyone so he would get a turn. I helped him, and we sound out the words he didn't know.

From that night on, he's been my buddy. I don't every go to his house or see him a church without him saying, "I love you Sister Monson." He writes me notes, and always wants to give me a cookie or piece of candy. 

Don't get me wrong. He's not a shy little angel. Last Sunday he conned me out of four sticks of gum, and got the Bishop to give him two pieces of candy out of the jar in his office. This kid will get what he wants in life.
I love the way he is so open with his feelings. He has no trouble saying 'I love you.' He is always willing to share treats with me. Would that we could all have that uncomplicated honesty coupled with the gift of giving to others. 
On this mission I already know that I'm on the receiving end of the service and the love. I'm getting a lot more than I give, and having a fabulous time in the process.


  1. What a fun experience! I love hearing about mission experiences. Thank you for sharing this delightful story. hugs~

  2. Love love love those kinds of characters...we have one in our family. He never fails to make me laugh. No was the starting point.


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