May 24, 2014

Mother-In-Law Moving In

by Cindy R. Williams

My husband and I are entering a new season. We aren't yet empty-nesters, however, Barbara, my husband's mother, will be moving in on June 28th which just happens to be my husband, Jeff's. B-day. Happy Birthday Jeff!

I lie awake at night making plans on how to make our home pleasant for her. There are two bedrooms on the main floor with a bathroom. One of the bedrooms has a window in the backyard. We are having it removed and a new glass door with a side-by window and transom installed. We will replace the mirrored closet doors since the old ones tend to come off their track. Next comes the new carpet. The bathroom is undergoing a complete make-over from shower, to tile, to vanity and even a new toilet. It will be lovely. I have a small fridge in her room, and will glue a large tile to the top to make a counter, then also install a cupboard on the wall above it for cups, plates, snacks etc., so if she gets the munchies she won't have to walk up the two steps to enter the kitchen.

I realized the other night that I have been planning for her physically, but note emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In fact, the most important thing I can do is make sure my heart is right and I have a bright and positive attitude. I need strength, patience swarming in kindness to make this work.

I would appreciate any suggestions from those of you who have walked this walk?


  1. Wow. It sounds like you are making a comfy place for your mother-in-law. My grandma came and stayed with us for a week - kind of a trial run for us. She lives with my aunt and uncle right now because my own mom has been quite ill. For now we will just provide respite of a sort for when my aunt and uncle go out of town. It is a whole new ball game, isn't it! I love living in a home with multiple generations. There are challenges for sure, but the blessings are eternal! hugs~

  2. Count on weird things happening. I moved in with my dad or I guess we moved into together due to his health issues. It's been hard and easy, fun and crazy. Some days I wonder if it was a good idea even now; and some days I know it's all worth it.


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