May 17, 2014

The Kindle and Southern Charm

by Christy Monson
The first Sunday of our mission, I sit down in Relief Society. A cute little southern lady (probably about eighty years old) enters the room, dripping with costume jewelry and aqua blue eyeliner to match her jacket. Her red lipstick has a sparkle to it. 

She sits down beside me and says, "Hi, you all are new?"
I introduce myself. She smiles, "I'm Marguerite and this is my new Kindle. I just got it."
"It's very nice," I say.

"Everyone in church has electronics now. They are all punchin' so I decided I should punch too. Will you help me use this durn thing?"
It takes three swipes for her to unlock it because she's pushing too hard. I show her where home is and help her find the Moroni icon for her scriptures. (A member of the bishopric has already downloaded her church library.)

We practice touching the screen softly so she can get where she wants to go. We find the lesson in the priesthood manual and follow along.
"The print is too small," she says in a too-loud voice while the teacher is talking. After the meeting we make the print bigger so she can read it.

The following week she appears in a purple silk dress (eye liner, lipstick, and jewelry to match.) "I tried to open this durn thing during the week, but I can't figure out how." She giggles.
We practice unlocking it with a gentle touch and find the scripture references and the lesson.
"Thanks," she tells me. "See you next Sunday." 
Next week her suit is bright pink with complementary make-up and accessories. "I just love this," she says, opening up her kindle. "When I get in bed I can read my scriptures without my glasses."

We are making progress. I show her where the page numbers are and how to search for something. We find and follow along with the lesson. At times she loses her place, but I help her find it again.

As we leave Relief Society, she looks at me and says, "Now where is that little house?"

I smile and show her.

The pleasure of becoming friends with Marguerite is one of the greatest blessings of our mission. I will treasure her southern charm and youthful attitude the rest of my life.


  1. Sounds like a charming lady. You'll love your mission.

  2. She sounds so delightful! Thank you for sharing this experience. I love it.

    1. Hugs to both of you. You are two of my favorite people.

  3. This could be my mom, southern accent and all lol

  4. What a precious lady! Enjoy your mission.


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