Jun 26, 2014

A Magnificent Day

by Kari Diane Pike

What do you do when your morning starts like this? 

What a glorious mess - a magnificent start to what  could have been a mundane morning. When this happened to me last week, I realized I had two choices. I could whine and complain and be grumpy the rest of the morning, or I could take a picture and laugh about it with my friends and family on Facebook. I chose to take the picture and write about it. 

Since breakfast was late, I worked on lunches in between cleaning up the mess and making more waffles. I've always been a little proud of my ninja multi-tasking skills. Except that morning my paying attention skills still hadn't kicked in. As I wrote names on lunch bags, I asked my husband if he wanted peanut butter or a meat sandwich. A few minutes later, I started to fill the bags and discovered that instead of writing "Micaela" on our daughter's bag, I wrote "Meat." My laughter must have sounded a little hysterical, because Micaela told me I needed to go back to bed. I took a deep breath and tried to gather my scattered brain. I decided to "fix" the mistake and ended up with this:

I thought it was a pretty good recovery. Plus, I had another funny moment to share on Facebook. I also  thought about my need to pay attention and be more present in the moment. I even considered canceling my bike ride. Instead, I chose to leave my ear buds at home so I wouldn't be tempted to listen to  the next episode of "Bones" on my phone. Call it a premonition or a prompting or whatever, but the thought that I needed to be extra careful on my ride kept tickling the back of my brain. 

Eight and a half miles into my ride, my phone rang. I didn't even have the chance to stop and answer. The  very second I took my mind off the road, I caught an edge (from concrete to gravel) and experienced my first wreck since the day I learned to ride a bike. No worries. I hopped right back on the bike, bloody knee and all, only to discover that my chain had broken during the fall. No problem. I was less than two miles from home. I could push the bike and still get home before the intense heat hit. Except that, while trying to take a short cut through the neighborhood, I turned down the wrong road and couldn't get through. I had to back track to the main road. Forty-five minutes later, I limped into the house. Of course I took a picture - and posted a smile on Facebook. I had to tell everyone about how I "fell" into cross training.
The rest of the day passed without incident. I babied my sore muscles and read the comments made to my Facebook posts. I had written about how great those challenges were and how grateful I was for the learning experiences and reminders to pay attention. Guess what. People "smiled" back. I received several messages from friends about how their day got better because I chose to share a positive "go-get-em" attitude. By sharing the light I felt, someone else's day improved. Despite being injured, my energy increased as I looked beyond what was "wrong" and focused on the things I wanted to do right.

During my scripture study that evening, I came across Mormon 9:14: "And then cometh the judgment of the Holy One upon them;...he that is happy shall be happy still..." Wow. By choosing to be happy when things went wrong, my day not only improved, but I helped someone else feel joy.

Stuff happens. Stuff happens to everyone, all the time. As I come to better understand God's plan and who I am, moving through all the "stuff" becomes less of a burden. Nothing feels impossible and I can stand back and "comprehend the marvelous works of God" (Mormon 9: 21 - 25).

And...I can apply this lesson to my writing goals. When I get a rejection letter, I can choose to hide under the covers and cry and wish that I was a better writer, or I can plant my backside in a chair in front of my computer and practice writing until I get it right. I can hide my manuscripts under the bed and guarantee that I will never get published or I can put my work in front of editors and beta readers and learn from their comments. By choosing to keep going, someday I will hold my very own published work in my hands. And it will be another magnificent day.


  1. What a great post. I've had these kind of days - starting exactly the same with the waffles. You are a good writer, and you will hold your own book in your own hands, and it will be magnificent.

  2. Thank you Christy. And thank you for always offering such great encouragement! hugs~

  3. Awesome post Kari. I am doing the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People since my middle school is embracing the educational version of this called Leader in Me. The first habit is I choose...you chose wisely!!!

  4. Thank you Terri. I think I will look up Leader in Me to share with my kids...hugs~


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