Jun 20, 2014

Puppy lust

By Beckie Carlson
Before you get your tights in a wad over this blog title, let me explain a few things. 
When my husband was still alive, he did not appreciate home improvement shows. He still may not like them, but I'm not totally sure what stations they get in heaven. I, on the other hand, love watching these "totally realistic" transformations of rooms, homes, etc. I have always loved creating and art and doing things with my hands, so to see other people do that and make amazing things just excites me. 
One of my favorite shows for the past few years was Design Star. It was a bit like American Idol in that it featured 10-12 designers competing for their own show. Each week the designers would be presented with a challenge to decorate a room or house or shack...or whatever. They had very limited time and money to make something that was not only beautiful, but also unique and showed their personal flair. Someone must have told HGTV that I cancelled my cable this spring because they cancelled the show. I guess it was all for me.
The reason I bring up the home improvement shows and my husbands dislike for them is that he called them 'women's porn.' I know that is totally stereotyping but, that is what he called them. He explained by saying it was something women/homemakers lusted after but could never really have. Therefore, porn. I could see his point, but....secretly I believed I could really have those amazing homes and I could miraculously "do it myself." 
We all have those things in life that we just pine for. Things we think we MUST have, but really....we are never going to get. I'd really love to have a smooth, strong, feminine yet sexy jawline. I could pay for it....but I am pretty sure I would need to change my cheekbones after doing that and after the cheekbones, my nose would totally stick out. Pretty soon I would be Micheala Jackson, person of unknown facial origins. I'll keep my jaw, and all that goes with it, because it's who I am. Like it or not.
My dog begs for things she thinks she wants. She will sit and stare at you, watching you slowly lift food to your mouth, without blinking. She can sit and stare for hours. It's annoying, mostly because if I break in and give her a bite....she will spit it on the floor most times. She must have it...but she doesn't really want it.
I'm taking a good look at my life, for a few moments, and trying to see what I really want. What am I lusting after? Is there anything I really must have that I don't? I think I'm pretty content. Although, if they brought my designing show back....I might break into the neighbor's house to watch it....maybe....cause I said so. 

Photo credit: Facebook Josh Johnson AKA Sparkle Josh


  1. I never quite enjoyed Design Star....seemed too one sided for my taste. BUT I love HGTV and I guess it could be considered porn lol. My newest fav along competition is the Brother vs Brother. So far they've been as far as I can tell fairly accurate. We'll see....it's on the second one.

  2. I enjoy watching HGTV now and then, too. We don't have cable, so I have to catch videos online when I'm looking for specific instructions or ideas. It is so easy to fall into that trap of lusting after things we don't really want or need. That's why I am so grateful for the scriptures and words of modern day prophets to help remind me about what is really important. Thanks for making me think on this today...hugs~


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