Jun 19, 2014


By Susan Knight

I used to be a decent photographer and I have a decent camera. But, alas, it is not as convenient as my new iPhone. I had said I wanted a camera that was also a phone, but those were way too big to fit in my pocket. So, I settled for an iPhone. It fits in my pocket, but only has a so-so camera. Nevertheless, I use it all day long. I love the convenience.

While walking the dog, or perusing my gardens, I’m so happy I can spontaneously take pictures of my flowers as they bud. . .almost open. . .

 . . .then the next day open all the way. Serendipity!
Last week at the dog park, I marveled at the backdrop provided to us. My eyes took it in. Then I remembered I could take a picture with my iPhone. I wanted to share with my friends back east. I hoped they would be very jealous.
Sandy Dog Park
As I pulled out of the driveway early yesterday, just before the long day of soaking rains, the clouds skirting the bottom of the mountains looked eery. I quickly pulled out my iPhone at six-fifteen in the morning. My own eyes were bleery, but the picture below is clear. I love how the days are longer when summer is nigh.

 Last night, as I got home at about nine-thirty, the clouds cleared and revealed it had snowed in the mountains while it rained in the valley--a common occurrance--but in June? Someone referred to it as “Juneuary.” The picture below was taken through the windshield, through just a bit of drizzle, so it came out blurry. But I like it. It looks kind of like a painting. 

This photo is the same setting as the one above.

Tonight, just as I had decided to write about how much I love living in Utah with its beautiful mountains and skies, my iPhone rang. Number one son was on his way home from work.

“Hey, mom, I just thought I’d call you to tell you to go outside right now and look at the sunset."

I made haste and walked outside. My house faces north, so from my sidewalk I can see east and west. Bright yellows and coral oranges dotted the dark blue, western sky. But I noticed the brilliance fading quickly. I had to hurry to snap mementos of the vibrant display our Heavenly Father painted for us tonight, like He threw color from a brush at a canvas.
Looking west at about 9:00 p.m. Colors fading fast.
 The east reflected the west with an orange tinge to the clouds, still lingering from yesterday’s rain.

Looking east. Colors fading fast.
 Then I looked up.

Above my head.
A kaleidoscope of orange, purple and turquoise blue moved in a circular pattern across the sky right above my head. Beautiful and breathtaking. Beauthtaking.

I realize my iPhone camera can't do justice to the astounding nature all around me at every moment. I take time to let my eyes take it in and let my heart be grateful to my Heavenly Father. I hope I was on the sunset committee in the pre-existence, helping our Savior, the great Creator, who gave His life for us, so we can rejoice in every day we have here on this earth. I pray I am worthy of His sacrifice.

A Janice Kapp Perry song comes to mind: “And now behold, my joy is full.”


  1. Oh I am so jealous but not for the mountains, just taking such awesome pics. BTW it's also the picture taker not just the equipment.

    1. Oh, Terri, you are too kind. Thanks for reading!

  2. Ditto what Terri said about the picture taker! Oh how I miss sunsets in Utah county. I never got tired of watching the colors and shadows on the mountains. Great pictures Susan. Thank you for sharing. hugs~

    1. Kari, Utah misses you! And I especially mean the people here ♥


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