Jun 13, 2014


by Marsha Ward

Yesterday I set out to make sure all my blog posts were scheduled for this week, but EEK! I missed one blog!

This one.

Sometimes life gets pretty hectic. Moms know this. Summertime has its challenges in keeping each child occupied and content.

One person I admire a lot, my sister Pam, had a unique perspective on summer. She loved being with her children so much that she looked forward to its arrival! One summer the entire family was having so much joy in their summer activities together that when autumn approached, the family decided that they would begin to home school.

I don't remember how many years that lasted, but I know others of us followed suit. Those brilliant children deal well with life, thank you, in case you're worried about their "socialization."

Another year, our family and four of my siblings and most of our family members went on a huge caravan trip back east for two family reunions, one in Ohio and one in upper New York state. We always refer to this in the extended family as "The Big Trip," which it was. Many of us are pictured here on the east bank of the Mississippi River, at Nauvoo, Illinois.

That trip is one I'll never forget. Family bonds tightened. We learned much about our heritage. And the kids had a blast!

What do you do with your family in the summer? What is your favorite summertime memory?


  1. We do our best to stay cool. In Utah, we played soccer, and lots of night games. This summer we have a number of trips to Utah and Idaho and Washington on the docket. I love your pictures!

  2. What fun activities, Kari! Thanks for commenting.

  3. Wow, Marsha, I did not know you blogged about me and about our family's "Big Trip!" What fun memories! Love you! Pam

    1. That was a great period of time, Pam. Thanks for being my sister.


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