Jun 12, 2014

Resumes and Miracles

by Kari Diane Pike

A number of events have taken place in the last 16 hours that have left me breathless - not the "I just ran a 5K in the 100 degree heat" kind of breathless - but the "I witnessed a miracle" breathless.

Ten hours ago (Wednesday night at 10:00 pm), I read an email from a sister in my ward that announced the opening of a part-time secretarial position for the Perry High School seminary. The moment I read the message, I felt a strong desire to look into applying for the job. But I doubted those thoughts and went to bed without following through. The prompting to contact Melanie returned as soon as I got out of bed this morning. I talked to my husband about it. I asked his opinion. As always, he offered his support for whatever I decided to do.

Right after breakfast and getting people out the door, I sat at the computer and shot off a message to Melanie saying that I was interested. Her reply:

"Send me your resume and I'll pass it on."

My what? Oops. Oh ya. A resume. You know - that all important document that gives vital information to potential employers. My confidence tucked tail and ran like a hound dog with a muzzle full of porcupine quills. Who was I to even consider applying for that job?

That's when the miracle started happening. I felt a gentle presence and, in my mind, heard an admonition to stop and think about what I felt. Fear. Where does fear come from? Who does it come from? Then I remembered my desire and promise to follow through on those thoughts and ideas that I know come from the Spirit. I remembered my desire to let go of how I thought things should happen and let the Lord direct my path. I always ask Him to guide me along the best path. I'm not nearly as good at listening and following through, so I have been working on that a lot more lately. But a resume? I didn't even know where a copy of my one and only resume could be found.

I knew I had started building a resume in a BYU class more than ten years ago. I completed that resume when I applied for my first "real" job in 2010.  That was four years and three computers ago. My husband's old work laptop was the most likely place to begin my search. I knew it contained back up files and I could also access the external drive that we use to store all that information. No resume, at least for me. I think I counted almost twenty for my husband. What I did find though was the name of the company for whom I had created the resume.

I held my breath as I typed "Thought Equity Motion" into the search box of my Gmail account. I hit "Enter." Success! There it was - my beautiful resume - attached to a hope-filled email I sent to the acquaintance who had suggested I apply as a keyworder. Of course, I immediately sent Technology a public apology via Facebook. I repented of all the bad things I had ever said about it.

I skimmed the resume and updated my education, job experience and other skills and contacted a couple of friends as references. I heard back from both people within minutes (I think I'm starting to crush on technology). One of those friends showered me with super kind words of love, encouragement and confidence. Then I remembered that today was my day to blog and when I logged in, I found even more lovely words from beautiful friends.

I don't  know what, if anything, will happen with this job application process. Other people far more qualified than myself are seeking the position. What I do know is that I am loved! I have amazing friends and a great safety net of support. I am not alone. The Spirit guides me along paths with breathtaking views. I feel humbled and more confident. I am more prepared because my resume is now up-to-date. I reconnected with even more friends who also shared love and light - and isn't that why we are here - to grow in light and love and share that light and love with others? I am here to help make the journey more magnificent. I was created by the Master - I am His work and His glory - and I am His masterpiece. And even though there are days when I feel more like a "piece of work" than a masterpiece, I can see that it's all part of a process. The shaping, curing, pruning, firing, and the knots that hold everything in place, all work together for my good - so that one day I can stand before God and hear Him say, "Well done."

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  1. I love it when miracles are so apparent. I especially love how you talked about the spirit prompting you quietly and lovingly along the path you need to be on…regardless of what the outcome is. Thank you for taking the time to document how the Lord blesses our lives when we do all we can to follow His promptings and path.


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