Jun 21, 2014

Everyday Quotes

by Cindy R. Williams

Like many of you, I have been fascinated by words for as long as I can remember. Quotes, in particular, resonate with me. I am on the look-out 24/7 for quotable sound bites I hear in everyday conversation. Here are two that came this week.

My nephew left for his mission this past Tuesday. He is the only child of my only sister. When I called to check on her heart, the best way she could describe her feelings was encapsulated in this rhyme she came up with.
"Fear not. Smile a lot."
She is surely a trooper as she rejoices in the kick in the gut as one let's go of her dearest child.

My mother and I go to lunch every Wednesday. This week she shared with me how difficult it can be getting old and having to figure out this new technology. She was referring to her new Cox Cable and how hard it is to learn a new system.
She smiled and said,
"I used to be a thinker . . . at least I thought I was."
Ponder this one. It is actually a great irony.

One last quote:
“God doesn’t require us to succeed. He only requires that you try.”  Mother Teresa
Great words to live by. Takes the guilt right out of things.

Are you a "Quote Collector" also?


  1. Love these quotes. Thanks for sharing them. I'm a quote collector. :}

  2. Oh me too. Let's see I have a lot of favs but one for me right is if you're digging a hole for yourself, first thing to do is stop digging.

    1. I thought you might be Terri. Love the digging a hole for yourself, . . . stop digging! WOW! Brilliant advice framed so simply!

  3. I love quotes too! Thanks for sharing yours. My favorite grandchild quote happened the other day after we had a family picnic and soccer game. Five-year-old grandson said that he had a delicious time! hugs~

    1. Children are some of the best sources for the most honest and heart bonding quotes aren't they. Having a "delicious time" is a simple yet delightful way to put it isn't it!


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