Jun 6, 2014

Morning brakes

By Beckie Carlson

It's a Friday morning at 5:30 am and I am awake. I don't have work or a screaming baby so...why in the world am I up? Well, one might say I am righting a past wrong or fixing a mistake or making the world a better place, one shed at a time. No, I'm not cleaning my shed, I'm moving it. I did this not long ago. It's kind of a big deal. I have three sheds that are very handy, very full, and very heavy. I can't possibly move them, even if they were empty. I have to call a crane company to come and pick them up and move them, even if I only need them moved a few feet. Like, say, ten feet. Yes, that is how far my $430 is moving my sheds. 
There are times when I wish I was a morning person. When I actually do get up this early and get stuff done, it is an amazing feeling. The house is quiet and I can focus and get loads of things done without any interrupting. My Facebook friends are mostly still asleep as well so, no distractions there. The problem comes around 11:30 am when I completely run out of steam. That is when I remember why I like sleeping in.
Don't get me wrong, I get up at 5:30 every day of the work week. There is just something different about getting up that early when I don't really "have" to that makes my entire day thrown off in a good/bad way. The good is all the stuff I get done. The bad is the entire afternoon I tend to sleep away.
My sister is a morning person. She gets up at the crotch of dawn and runs or bikes or swims or does any number of self punishing activities. I think about how awesome that must be. I think about it while I lay in bed, watching the sun creep through my windows. I think about that when I go to bed. Sometimes I even plan to get up early and follow her example. But I rarely do. My rationale is that I prefer to workout/exercise at night. Of course, I don't do that either....
My daughter did manage to drag me to the gym on Wednesday. I'm so impressed by her. She is in amazing shape. She spends two hours a day at the gym doing painful things like squats, and...well, it seems like we did a lot of squats. This could be why she has a great back view and why I can't sit down without crying out in pain. I'm supposed to go again today and do arms. Hmm this sounds like a lot of fun. The only problem I see is, how will I get up off a chair if my arms are as weak as my legs? I'll end up rolling around the floor helplessly. Maybe I should insist she buy me one of those medic alert things for when I fall and can't get up. 
Cause I said so.

Photo credit: www.lift-run-bang.com


  1. That's funny Beckie! Thanks for making me smile - and helping me feel less guilty about not getting my workouts in the a.m. like I think I should. hugs~

  2. Gosh Beckie that post could have come straight out of my mouth. I have always found it amazing that we do things like say car payments when we have to and then can't figure out where the money went when we suddenly have that money back in our wallets. Exercise.......I love it, but lately, not been doing it.


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