Jun 25, 2014

Because There are Lobsters

H. Linn Murphy

I recently read a couple of posts which opined that the writers refused to read long-winded blog posts. In that vein, I've shortened.

This is my current list of excuses for not getting a thousand words written on my WIP today:

1. It's too hot to write. Volcanically hot. Keys are melting all over the place.
2. I'm blasted tired because I stayed up watching a wretched movie and daydreaming about a movie being made from my book.
3. My Hubs and daughter are on the fourth year hike and I can't concentrate for worry that they'll get heat stroke and kick off.
4. We've got armies of ants eating what little came up in the pathetic garden.
5. The kids keep turning on interesting things to watch including vampires, Scottish lairds, Canadian horsewomen, and curmudgeonly bookstore owners.
6. Dinner must be cooked before the turn of the next century. I'm considering haggis.
7. I keep forgetting that I challenged my friends to do one thing they'd never done before. I must quest for my own challenge. I'm considering chimneying up the hallway.
8. Dust bunnies are taking over the world--at least this part of it.
9. The stove covers need repainting.
10. I'm spring cleaning. Late, I know, but necessary. Tossing out old stuff has become very important since there is very little room left for humans.

The good thing is that I've got another fabulous idea for a book and I can now go and develop it.


  1. Hahaha! Very cute. Thanks, Heidi!

  2. Heidi, I love this post! I commented earlier, but it doesn't show up! I totally related to what you said...too funny! hugs~

  3. My attention span has gotten shorter too. Wonder what all that is about.

  4. Linn,
    I only got to number 4...too long....just kidding! You just described my life. Except, I've already chimneyed down the hallway. Get moving!!


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