Apr 18, 2010

Cindy makes me laugh

by Marsha Ward

Only in appreciation, mind you. Her blog about getting ready for the LDStorymakers' writers conference is, unfortunately, a reflection of my own panicked scurrying around to get to the same event.

I'm not as witty as Cindy is, so I'm only going to present the list that I'm working on to get this body out the door sometime this week--at least in time to arrive on Thursday, fresh as a daisy--NOT!

  • books
  • price cards & bookmarks (just have to cut 'em apart)
  • clean toilet
  • send hymns to Wanda
  • Page reservation
  • pres message
  • laundry | | | | |
  • clothes list
  • intro for Whitneys
  • GPS
  • do I need the big suitcase? no
  • change oil in car
  • take out garbage
  • ANWA stuff to do
  • ANWA apps? 10 copies to take with me!
  • travel sheets
  • itinerary to children
  • get May hymn theme email sent
  • pills: arrange night batches
  • CPAP
  • Walgreens fix autofills take in new 'scrip
  • audio books for trip? Library
  • which purse? organizer bag
  • Provo weather report
  • Utah road conditions
  • call CC about Utah
  • bank
  • LDStorymakers' pages (ain't gonna happen!)
Simply typing out this list makes me think of a dozen other things that should be on there.

Including my cell phone charger!

Edited to add strikethroughs as I complete tasks.


  1. Wow, Marsha! That's quite the list. Don't forget your phone to go with that charger. I did that once. I was so worried about forgetting the charger...then I forgot the phone. sigh.

    I can't wait to see everyone. It has been forever!

  2. I have made a committment to forgo lists. If I miss something (and I always do anyway), I'll just dash out somewhere and buy it.

  3. Marsha, I'm glad I made you laugh. All our planning and preparing best be done while in a good humor or one will cry. I look forward to seeing you in a few days! Drive safe!


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