Apr 26, 2010

Torn Between Two Places

By: Rebecca Irvine

Last Thursday night there were at least three different reasons I wanted to be in Utah. And yet I stayed in Arizona because there were even more reasons I needed to be here. Despite what my brain knew to be the best decision, my heart still ached for the lost experiences I was missing.

I have noticed more and more frequently I am often caught between these two worlds: where I want to be and where I am or need to be. And sometimes I rush to get to one place, but as soon as I get there I feel the stress of the need to get to my next destination.

- When I am at work I want to be at home.

- When I am at home I think of places I want to go on vacation or errands I need to be running.

- While reading a good book I have a hard time not knowing the resolution of the plot, even from the beginning (yes, I cheat and read the last chapter first).

- On my WIP I want to be caught up with the time line I have set for myself, but life's challenges make it hard to get there.

I think the most I can hope for is to make the choices that will bring me the most inner peace. So although I have nothing to share about the LDS Storymakers conference so many of you enjoyed, I have to admit I am at peace with what I was able to accomplish at home. The talent show I was in charge of went beautifully and I was able to sneak in several hours of writing over the weekend. But I will still be perusing all of your blogs to read up on what I missed and start looking forward to the potential of attending next year.


  1. Everyone must still be exhausted b/c there isn't too much conference info out there. I got to go last year (well, not to the conference but to Utah while it was going on and got to meet lots of people and it was every bit as great as it sounds) and have been feeling blue about not getting to be there this year. Maybe next year. We'll see. Meanwhile, being where you need to be is ultimately more satisfying. (I hope.) (JK--I know)

  2. Yeah Rebecca it's a drag for those of us in my case just too far away.


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