Apr 30, 2010

Slow Down

by Sarah Albrecht

Last week as the taco meat sizzled an odd scent wafted from the frying pan. Cumin? No. Chili powder? No. Onion powder? Sniff, sniff....No. It was a big pan of meat, destined, I hoped, to become leftovers. But what was that smell?

I didn't identify the mystery scent until the pan sat on the kitchen bar between tortillas and beans, ready to serve up buffet style. Sniff, sniff...Ugh! Cinnamon.

Yes, I put cinnamon in the taco meat. My husband was a great sport and plopped a large spoonful into his tortilla. When he took a bite he even declared nothing tasted off. My oldest son, always pragmatic, took a large helping, noting, "If you smother it in salsa, you can't taste it." None of the other kids would touch the meat.

So much for the grand pan destined for leftovers.

I'm not really sure what point I'm moving towards. Let's just say that when a thank you note to one of my daughter's party guests arrived in our mailbox, addressed to us, or when I added baking powder to the flour cannister instead of the brownie batter, I wasn't too surprised.

Maybe it's time to

slow down.


  1. Def slow down...although in truth that doesn't seem to help me either ha.

  2. Gotta love our loyal husbands. What a good man! Don't you just love the 'Mom Brain' phenomena? There are disadvantages to multi-tasking. I tried an experiment one day...limiting myself to one task at a time. I thought I would go nuts! I did make less mistakes, however, and I felt better physically. Slowing down takes practice!

  3. We all have days like that. That's when I want to close the doors and curtains, keep to myself and write.

  4. Oh Sarah!! This made me smile. I'm glad to know that others can have those scatter brain moments when we have a lot on our minds.


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