Apr 7, 2010

Waiting for Joy

By Lynn Parsons

It's hard to explain the pain of infertility, especially to those with many children. Although I have four, they didn't come on schedule, so I have had a tiny taste of this type of suffering.

I have a friend, Jeanette, who knows this all too well. She and her husband, Jeff, have one delightful daughter, Laura. Don't they look cute and fun?

Jeff and Jeanette are phenomenal parents.  Jeanette takes care of Laura while learning gourmet cooking, singing professionally, sewing her own clothes, and keeping up with a host of other interests. Jeff works full time, teaches piano lessons, and plays professionally in a band. Their home is filled with love, laughter, and music. They work together in Primary. He leads the music, and she is the pianist. Their love of the Lord is shared with the children as they use music to inspire and teach gospel principles.

Laura is bright, always happy, and makes friends with everyone. My daughter babysits her, and looks forward to playing with Barbies, adventures in the backyard, and being beaten at Candyland! Of course, there's also the twirling, dancing, and singing.

Unfortunately, after the great blessing of Laura, other children have not followed. While they are continuing to serve Laura and the others they meet, they have prayerfully considered how to best share their love with other children. They have decided to adopt so that they can fill their home while bringing love to a child in need.

How can you help? The Furgos have posted their information on itsallaboutlove.org, an LDS adoption site. Please pass this link (https://itsaboutlove.org/ial/profiles/19528163/ourMessage.jsf)  on to anyone you might know who may be in search of the perfect family for their baby. Share the joy of a new family member and give a new life a blessed beginning.


  1. My heart goes out to all couples who long for a child. Best wishes to Jeff and Jeanete.

  2. I've known more than one family who opted for foster parenting just to have the opportunity to have children. It's hard.

  3. What a sweet family. I have several friends who are experiencing similar challenges. hugs and prayers to them all.

  4. My very wonderful brother has adopted three lovely children, two through LDS Social Services and one a private adoption. We all love these wonderful children. Our Bishop has four adopted children, an 8 year old boy, a 6 year old girl, and twins born a month apart. (Okay so not literally twins, but both birth mothers chose them and gave birth so close that they are twins from two different mothers.) Any way you get them, they are a gift from God.


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