Mar 26, 2011


by Bonnie Harris

Good, Better, Best. That seems to be the topic that has been discussed for several weeks in church. It has gotten me thinking about the choices I have before me. Am I really make the Best decisions with the time I've been given. It's been pretty eye opening.

What's been the biggest eye opener is what I've focused on. It's been more of the minute details rather than the bigger picture. I get so hung up on the small things that I forget the reason why I'm doing the little things.

I've seen this in my writing process as well as others. We get so caught up on the wording of a certain sentence that we forget that the whole purpose of the sentence is to help propel the story forward. I've seen this literally stop the process of someone's wonderful story. They are so worried about it being perfect that they can't move past that one sentence, or chapter. It's really sad.

So how does this apply to choices? It's all in what we/I choose to focus on. Do I choose to focus on the little things around the house like having things spotless or do I look at the bigger picture of spending time with my son and husband. Do I worry about the wording of a particular scene or do I make sure the story is flowing. Now I realize that the little things all add to and enhance the big things, but in the long run or the eternal perspective of things, is the wording really going to make that big of a difference? I really don't think so.

These past few weeks have shown me that I shouldn't sweat the little stuff. It will all get done eventually but I need to enjoy the process. My mom has often said that when I was young she got so frustrated that she couldn't sew. I took up all her time. It wasn't until she realized that everything she wanted to sew was for me that she was able to put it aside and enjoy the journey. I'm trying to take her advice and not worry about what is not getting done, making the better choice--as I see it. I sure hope this is making sense. My baby doesn't want to go to sleep and has been crying for awhile now. It's one of those times that I'm trying to remind myself that I'm making the better choice. So here's to enjoying the ride!


  1. I feel like we were on the same wavelength this week, Bonnie. Saying the same thing in two different ways.

    Loved your insight!

  2. I sometimes can't remember what is the best choice. Any ideas on how you figure that one out?

  3. Working on trying to figure out the best choice. I've been thinking lately the best choices are going back to the fundamentals and following my initial thoughts on what needs to happen first. I'll let you know if I figure anything else out. Thanks for the comments!


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