Mar 30, 2011

Life's Little Interruptions

by Kami Cornwall

Wow! What a week! And it's only Wednesday. I was going to be on top of it and have something fantastic to blog about today...until Sunday night. My heart woke me up doing a strange and noisy dance which sent my brain into a frenzy including images of dialing 911 and imagining what an ambulance ride to the ER might be like.

My family doctor frequents Facebook so I sent him a quick message about it and he told me to come in asap. It turns out that they can't find anything wrong with my ticker so far which is great news! Meanwhile, my son and I have been battling a nasty cold which robbed me of my voice and stole his even temper. He woke me up at three this morning with ear pain. Then he couldn't go back to sleep so by five he decided it was time for breakfast. My husband decided to take over and get up with him. He has ear infections and at this very moment I'm waiting for the pharmacy to get his medication ready.


It's life's little interruptions like this that make writing HARD! I thought with Spring Break being this week I'd have lots of "down time" that I could spend writing away and polishing up my little fantasy story. No such luck so far. Here's to getting well and finding some time the rest of the week to get it done. Cheers!


  1. Boy can I relate. I'm still shaking off this upper resp thingy and trying to catch up at work. Not to mention my exercise routine is down for the count. Sigh.

  2. Get better quick. If you find a way to stop time or fix these interuptions please share.

  3. I hear you. Life interrupted my usual routine big-time this month! New grandchild, sick for my birthday, then my brother had a stroke and I was off to Utah for several days. I haven't recovered yet.

    Good luck with everything.


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