Mar 17, 2011


by Susan G. Haws

Alright, I admit it I am a certifiable wimp. I waved my white flag before the other side half began amassing its troops. I surrendered with no terms just hoping for mercy. I turned on the A/C Sunday.

After the earthquake and tsunami in Japan my lament that summer may be waging a coup before St. Patrick’s Day this year seems trivial.

These disasters made me think about heroes, real and fictional. Like in the song, I’m holding out for a hero. We need a hero.
What makes a hero? Someone not too proud to help wherever they are needed or someone like in Apollo 13 that will try to avert the "inevitable" till the very last second. There were a lot of heroes that worked to save lives in that catastrophe. Please tell me the best minds in the world are figuring a way to avert a meltdown to save the day or at least mitigate the effects. I am sure that in coming days we will learn of heroes who are providing aid to those people already needing help with food, shelter, medical care. People searching for survivors. People finding and laying to rest bodies of the deceased, now that is a depressing but heroic role.

In life we can't control that thousands die in disasters. So when I pick up a novel I want there to be hope for a happy ending where the dead didn't die in vain and where there is a last minute reprieve for the world at the hands of a hero with super powers or a regular mortal that knows the right thing to do in the nick of time. I need that hope and inspiration. Life is unpredictable and you can never do enough. I need to feel that over all purpose and redemption, often provided by unassuming heroes like Tolkien’s hobbits. Heroes see a need and take the responsibility to fill that need for the benefit of the community over his or her own needs. I keep praying for a lot of heroes for Japan.


  1. I keep finding heroes in the most unlikely places.

  2. I do the same as you when I pick up a novel! I appreciate the wisdom of this well-written post,

  3. I agree Terri heroes are often suprising. I think fiction and pets keep me sane by giving me hope. Thanks for the comments, perks up my day.

  4. My prayers are added to yours and others. I have had many heroes in my life and I am very grateful for them. Many of them are right here in ANWA! hugs to all of my heroes.


  5. I completely agree. The world needs more heroes!


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