Mar 18, 2012

Duty or Writing?

by Marsha Ward

My life is still stuffed so full of tasks, duties, chores, and volunteer work, that it's very hard for me to actually get to the most important thing to me: writing. However, when I have the opportunity to attend my local writing group or an ANWA chapter meeting, I get energized, and I shove everything else to one side so I can write.

It's too bad that I don't get to write more frequently, because writing is vital for me. It makes me feel alive. It gets my heart pumping and the sludge moving out of my veins. It invigorates me. I need more.

Taking time out to write does nothing to get me up to date on things I'm supposed to be doing in other areas of my life, but I need to write, so some things just might not get done in a timely manner anymore. 

It's like I live with a good angel and a bad angel on my shoulders. One reminds me of duty. The other urges me to skip out and write.

Which one should I listen to?


  1. You listen to both, Marsha! I've found that there really is enough time for writing that energizes us, but also to get those "duties" done when we need to, otherwise I wouldn't have so many books written, and or started, and so many art projects completed, and or started.

  2. Sometimes we need to listen to that other voice, the one that says "no". When there's too much on your plate, scrape it into the disposal and use a smaller plate! (how's that for a metaphor :))

  3. Write! Write! Write! Hee, hee, hee . . .

  4. I am trying to keep the promises I made to myself in regards to my writing but it is hard when duty and people hijack writing time.


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