Mar 17, 2012

Time to Rest

by Cindy R. Williams

I finally figured it out. Sunday is often the busiest day of the week, and I often wonder how this is a "day of rest."

Here is the answer:  It is a day to rest from our earthly worries and cares and focus on Heavenly things.

Sunday is a day of service to our brothers and sisters in our many callings both in the Church and in our homes. The seculuar is left behind. It is a day to rejuvinate our Spirits. In this way, it is a day of rest. Makes sense to me.

Hope your Sunday is a true day of rest, and that you may even catch a physical nap.


  1. I have found that journaling helps me on Sundays. I journal about what I heard in church, what we discuss at family time, and catch up in my personal journal. This helps me to calm down and not clean or work (since I work online it is hard to not not sit down and grade).
    Thanks for the reminder!


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