Mar 14, 2012

What time is it?

by Kami Cornwall

Aaaaadventure time! (I love that cartoon. My guilty pleasure.) No, actually it's that time of year when we mess with our external clocks which also screws up our internal clocks leaving us in a funky fog for the next few weeks. I don't know about you, but I blame Daylight Savings for most of my forgetfulness. (And not because I'm nearing 40.) I'm finding myself trying to remember the most normal names for things but coming up empty-handed.

"Hon, what's the name of that know...the pointy thing that you eat with?"

"A fork?"

"Yeah, that's it!"

So for those of you who wonder what this is all about, I leave the following video explaining the madness behind it all. Enjoy. Oh, and...WAKE UP!!!


  1. LOL! Loved the video, Kami! I live in Arizona, and was just thinking about when my online Moonwriting group meeting was going to meet. Last month it met at 1pm for me, but 12 noon for those in California, but today, since the time changed for everyone else, except us Arizonans, I still had to adjust my thinking. We met at noon! Whew. . .

  2. Daylight Savings Time is STUPID.

    We are an electric society and we turn on all our lights when we are awake anyway. I grew up in AZ and now live in FL (where you get 12+ hours of sunshine no matter day of the year it is anyway). People say, "I love Daylight Savings Time because now it's not dark when I leave work!"

    To which I respond, "Oh, really? Isn't it dark when you wake up and GO to work anyway?" And they stutter over a reply that is incoherent...

    It messes with my circadian rhythm, it messes with my kids, it makes us late for stuff, or makes bedtime unusually difficult for weeks at a time, every time we change.


    Rant over.

  3. Exactly. I live in AZ also so since we don't change I often don't remember when it changes and mess up times for phoning etc. people in other states.

  4. What confuses me is why Alabama does it. We get plenty of sunshine too. And our temperatures have the added value of humidity. Why on earth do we need more sunshine???????????

  5. Great video, Kami! Thanks for sharing. I've am on the fence about daylight savings time...I grew up with it, but lived in AZ for more than 20 years without it...
    I do have to say I loved having summers as it kid where it didn't get dark until nearly 10 pm. My poor mom!


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